A Turning Point in Italian History: Giorgia Meloni’s Emotional Address on the Day of Remembrance.

“There has been a guilty silence, I’m here to ask for forgiveness,” says Meloni as she meets with Tajani in Basovizza

Giorgia Meloni, the first prime minister to take part in the solemn ceremony in Basovizza on the day of commemoration of the foibe massacres and of the Julian-Dalmatian exodus, is directly addressing those who braved the freezing wind to attend this morning on the Carso plateau north-east of Trieste. The Day of Remembrance has brought an end to the conspiracy of silence that had kept this tragedy shrouded in oblivion and indifference for unforgivable decades.

Meloni acknowledges her past visits and her solemn commitment to ensuring that this memory never fades away. She speaks as Prime Minister for the first time, apologizing not only for what happened but also for the guilty silence that enveloped these events at Italy’s eastern border for decades.

The Day of Remembrance was established in 2004 and marks its twentieth anniversary this year with various government officials attending. The ‘memory’ stops at Track 2 of Trieste Central Station with the inauguration of a new museum train, called Train of Remembrance, which is a ‘good twin’ museum train of Italy’s “train of shame”. If it were up to Minister Abodi, it would be a glue that binds together stories and dignity.

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