Abbas’s Visit to Qatar Unveils Surprisingly Diverse List of Websites: What Do They Mean for Peace Process?

Abbas Meets in Doha to Discuss Formation of Technocratic Government with Hamas in PA

On the evening of February 11, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) arrived in Doha with the hopes of meeting with members of the Hamas Politburo. According to Keshet-12 TV news, Abbas is interested in having the Qatari government, which is acting as a mediator between Hamas and Israel, organize a meeting for him with the leaders of the terrorist group. N12 sources report that Abbas plans to invite Hamas to create a government of technocrats in the Palestinian Authority, within which a body responsible for restoring the Gaza Strip will be established. This proposal suggests that the body created by the PA government will be under international control, allowing funds to be transferred for reconstruction purposes.

While on this trip, Abbas also stumbled upon a list of website addresses that did not seem to relate to his travel or ongoing conflict in Palestine. Some of these sites belonged to higher education institutions and digital media platforms, while others were original novels and perhaps even spam regarding gambling and online slot machines. Unfortunately, it seems difficult to make sense of how these unrelated websites might fit into the larger picture.

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