AI technology transforms breast cancer early detection in Israel

AI technology transforms breast cancer early detection in Israel

Beilinson Hospital recently announced the successful completion of a pilot program that utilized iCAD’s Artificial Intelligence technologies to review over 15,000 mammography scans. The technology proved to be effective in identifying previously undetected tumors, thereby enhancing diagnostic capabilities and potentially leading to earlier detection of breast cancer in women over the age of 40. Additionally, the technology assists in creating informed screening plans for individuals at risk of developing breast cancer.

In addition to these capabilities, the technology can also assess a patient’s risk level of developing a cancerous tumor within the next two years by scanning past dense tissue. Following the completion of the pilot program earlier this year, the system has been implemented across the Clalit Health Services network, including mammography units in hospitals and clinics nationwide. It is worth noting that iCAD’s program has already received approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Dr. Ahuva Grubstein, the Head of Beilinson’s Mammography Department, emphasized the importance of early detection and intervention in treating breast cancer. She urged women and individuals at risk of cancer to undergo semi-annual mammography exams to ensure timely detection. Dr. Grubstein also highlighted the significance of utilizing advanced tools like artificial intelligence to assist radiologists in improving the reliability of scans and increasing the rates of early detection, ultimately saving lives.

Since the initiation of the pilot program, the technology has been instrumental in supporting radiologists in examining more than 15,000 scans at Beilinson Hospital.

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