Alarming Health Literacy Study Highlights the Importance of Being Proactive with Your Wellness

Americans exhibit concerning lack of knowledge about crucial health metrics, study finds

A recent study has revealed that a significant number of Americans struggle to recall crucial health information, including blood pressure, ideal weight, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar. Specifically, only 35% of Americans know their blood pressure and just 16% are aware of their cholesterol levels.

One woman, Erica Hutson, was taken aback when she discovered she had high cholesterol despite being young and healthy. This experience prompted her to realize the importance of knowing and comprehending her health numbers, as well as taking a proactive approach to her well-being.

Dr. Laxmi Mehta, a cardiologist, underscores the significance of patients being proactive about their health and keeping track of their numbers. She advises patients to have open conversations with their physicians and to inquire about their blood pressure, weight, and other essential health metrics during routine check-ups.

Knowledge and understanding of health numbers can be life-saving since it enables individuals to take action towards improving their health. Erica Hutson’s experience with high cholesterol has inspired her to become a role model for her children and to be vigilant about their heart health.

One way for individuals to obtain this information is through a wellness check with their doctor. By knowing and understanding these numbers, people can truly take charge of their own healthcare journey.

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