Alexander Stubb Secures Second Round Victory in Finnish Presidential Elections with a Pro-European Agenda

Finland’s presidential election victory goes to Alexander Stubb

Alexander Stubb has won the second round of the presidential elections in Finland, according to projections by the public broadcaster Yle. With almost 90% of the votes counted, Stubb is at 52.3% and Haavisto at 47.9%. Stubb, a member of the liberal-conservative National Coalition Party, is known for his pro-European stance. He previously served as Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.

The second round of the presidential elections became necessary after none of the original nine candidates achieved an absolute majority in the first round. Sauli Niinistö, who is also a member of the National Coalition Party, finished in third place with 19.6%, while right-wing populist parliament speaker Jussi Halla-aho and ex-European Commissioner Olli Rehn finished behind with about 16% each.

In the first round, Stubb finished in first place with 27.2%, compared to Haavisto’s 25.8%. However, it was not enough to secure an absolute majority, leading to a second round election between Stubb and Haavisto. Despite their close competition in this round, it seems that Stubb’s victory has become evident and Halla-aho and Rehn have both accepted defeat graciously.

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