Allegheny Health Network increases minimum hourly wage to $18

Allegheny Health Network increases minimum hourly wage to $18

Allegheny Health Network announced on Friday that they will be increasing their minimum hourly starting wage to $18 at the end of March. This increase will impact about 1,700 employees who are currently earning $16 an hour or near that amount. The company stated that this change will have the most significant impact on entry-level positions essential to the patient experience, such as environmental services, dietary services, and patient care technicians.

AHN’s president, Jim Benedict, expressed the organization’s recognition of the value of their caregivers and their commitment to appropriately rewarding them for their vital roles. This decision comes as Pennsylvania’s minimum wage has remained stagnant at $7.25 for 15 years, with efforts in Harrisburg to raise it, including Gov. Josh Shapiro’s recent budget proposal.

Highmark Health, AHN’s parent company, also announced plans to implement an $18 hourly minimum wage across the organization by the end of the year. With approximately 22,000 employees, AHN is one of the region’s largest employers and prides itself on offering competitive compensation and benefits packages, along with a focus on creating a positive work-life experience for all team members.

AHN’s reputation as an employer of choice in the region is something that they are proud of, and they continue to prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of their employees. This increase in the minimum hourly wage demonstrates the organization’s commitment to recognizing the hard work and dedication of their staff across all levels.

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