Amazon Fresh introduces new smart shopping carts, replacing walk out technology

Amazon Fresh introduces new smart shopping carts, replacing walk out technology

Amazon Fresh is making significant changes to its checkout process, moving away from its “Just Walk Out” cashierless system. The supermarket subsidiary of Amazon is transitioning to Dash Carts, which track items placed in the cart as shoppers move through the store and checkout through the Dash Cart lane. This marks a shift from the camera and sensor-based Just Walk Out system that allowed customers to pay without standing in line.

While Amazon will continue to use the Just Walk Out technology in Amazon Go stores, smaller UK stores, and third-party locations, they have recognized the need for additional features requested by customers. Amazon spokesperson Jessica Martin stated that customers wanted the ability to easily locate products, view receipts, access deals, and track savings while shopping. The introduction of Amazon Dash Cart smart-shopping carts aims to provide these conveniences while still allowing customers to skip the checkout line.

The Dash Carts have been tested in select Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods stores, aiming to revolutionize the checkout process and offer a more seamless shopping experience for customers. With 44 Amazon Fresh stores across the country, including one in New Jersey, the brand continues to innovate and adapt to meet changing consumer needs. The introduction of Amazon Fresh in New Jersey in 2022, starting in Paramus and expanding soon to Eatontown, demonstrates a commitment to providing modern and convenient solutions for shoppers.

In a world where retail technology is evolving rapidly, Amazon Fresh’s decision to transition to Dash Carts reflects a desire to enhance the shopping experience and cater to customer preferences. As retailers like ShopRite also explore new high-tech shopping carts, the industry is embracing innovation to streamline processes and improve customer satisfaction. Subscribe to to stay updated on the latest industry news and developments. Christopher Burch can be contacted at, and be sure to follow him on Twitter @SwishBurch for updates. Share your tips and insights with us at

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