Anonymous claims responsibility for cyber attack on Israel’s Ministry of Justice

Anonymous claims responsibility for cyber attack on Israel’s Ministry of Justice

After a short time, it became clear that the organization known as Anonymous was responsible for cyber hacks into Israel. The anti-Semitic hacker movement made announcements regarding the attacks they undertook on the National Insurance and Ministry of Justice, exposing millions of pages of information and hundreds of gigabytes of data. They also issued warnings to neighboring countries in relations with Israel that they would also be targeted.

Operating since 2003, Anonymous has a history of focusing on attacks against Israel. They claimed to have obtained 8 million bank files and extracted about 300 gigabytes of documents and files. Personal details from these leaks were also shared by the hackers. Their mission is to end the war, as stated in their tweets, declaring their intent to continue “destroying the Zionists.”

Subsequent to these attacks, Anonymous targeted the National Institute of Statistics in Paraguay and defaced their website with a derogatory image of Netanyahu. The Ministry of Justice in Israel also confirmed that they were hacked, prompting investigations and reporting to relevant authorities.

In anticipation of more attacks, the National Cyber Array issued warnings regarding expected cyber threats, advising precautions to safeguard against potential breaches. Recommendations were shared by experts, encouraging scrutiny of messages and links, active two-step verification, updating software, and monitoring financial activities.

Anxiety over possible Iranian retaliation following the assassination of an Iranian official in Damascus looms over Israel, prompting heightened vigilance and preparedness for various scenarios. The Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, emphasized Israel’s defensive and offensive actions against Iran and its proxies, vowing to defend the nation against any threats.

The cyber breach against Israel occurs amidst geopolitical tensions and security concerns, underscoring the need for robust cybersecurity measures and preparedness in the face of evolving threats and attacks.

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