App Cofounder Quits, Marissa Mayer’s Company

App Cofounder Quits, Marissa Mayer’s Company

Marissa Mayer’s company has recently launched Shine, a new photo-sharing app. Enrique Munoz Torres, her cofounder, has decided to leave the company. He announced on LinkedIn that his time at the company was the most rewarding experience in his professional career. While Mayer received positive feedback about the app, there were also criticisms about its outdated aesthetic and questioned its purpose.

Shine is the third app released by Sunshine, a company founded by Mayer and Munoz Torres. The company’s previous apps include a birthday-reminder app, a contact-management app, and Shine, which allows users to pool photos taken at the same event. These apps included light artificial-intelligence integration and likely attracted older users.

Munoz Torres shared his departure from Sunshine on LinkedIn, expressing pride in the products created by the company and gratitude for his team. He mentioned that leaving was a tough decision but that he was confident in Mayer and the rest of the team to continue developing great products. As he looks towards the future, he aims to deepen his knowledge in SwiftUI and LLMs.

When asked for comments, Munoz Torres declined beyond his LinkedIn post, while a Sunshine representative acknowledged his significant role in developing the company’s products, including the recent Shine app.

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