Armenia’s Actions Could be Provoked by Initiatives such as the Brussels Tripartite Meeting – Byram

Armenia’s Actions Could be Provoked by Initiatives such as the Brussels Tripartite Meeting – Byram

Initiatives like the Blinken-Pashinyan-von der Leyen meeting have the potential to create new tensions in Armenia, according to Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jeihun Bayramov. Bayramov, during a meeting with Pavel Knyazev, ambassador on special assignment of the Russian Foreign Ministry, expressed concerns about the prevailing “revanchist sentiments” in Armenia. The Azerbaijani side reported that Bayramov and Knyazev also discussed the process of regulating Armenian-Azerbaijani relations during the meeting in Baku.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan stated that Bayramov highlighted how certain actions, such as meetings with countries from outside the region and the projection of their one-sided positions, could hinder the peace process. Specifically, Bayramov mentioned the meeting between the Prime Minister of Armenia and the US Secretary of State and the head of the European Commission in Brussels on April 5 as a potential source of new provocations by Armenia.

Yerevan had earlier announced that the meeting was focused on enhancing Armenia-EU-US cooperation and was not targeted against any third party. The US State Department spokesperson, Matthew Miller, suggested that Armenian-Azerbaijani issues might be discussed during the meeting, emphasizing that the primary focus was on Armenia’s economic resilience.

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