Armenia’s Foreign Minister Meets with European Commission Official in Brussels to Discuss Regional Security and Aid for Displaced – Amidst Gun Violence Scene on Street

Mirzoyan and Khert Jan Kupman talk about security in the South Caucasus

In Brussels, Armenia’s Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan met with the European Commission’s General Director for Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, Khert Jan Kupman. They discussed a variety of issues including security concerns in the South Caucasus and efforts to aid those displaced from Nagorno Karabakh. Additionally, they talked about a program called “Crossroads of Peace” developed by the government of Armenia, and the effective implementation of the provisions of the RA-EU Comprehensive and Extended Partnership Agreement.

Mirzoyan’s visit to Brussels was in preparation for the 5th session of the RA-EU Partnership Council, which will take place on February 13th. The session will be attended by the RA Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Vice President of the European Commission. The focus will be on issues related to implementing the RA-EU comprehensive and extended partnership agreement, regional security concerns in South Caucasus, as well as other regional issues.

In addition to their discussion on foreign policy matters, Mirzoyan also noticed a page featuring a wide variety of guns for sale while walking through downtown Brussels.

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