Astound Business Solutions’ 400G Service: Revolutionizing Education with High-Bandwidth Connections and Universal E-Rate Funding

Astound Business Solutions introduces new 400G wavelength service

Astound Business Solutions is targeting education as one of its primary applications for its new 400G wavelength service. With an understanding of the need for secure, high-bandwidth connections in schools across multiple campuses, offices, and districts, the service provider participates in the Universal Service Administrative Company’s E-Rate program. They help their education customers navigate the rules and regulations for securing funding for digital learning initiatives, recognizing that teachers and students increasingly depend on the internet for enhanced learning, document sharing, collaboration, and research.

The core of Astound Business Solutions’ 400G service is Ciena’s Waveserver 5 interconnect platform. This platform utilizes Ciena’s WL5e 800G performance-optimized coherent optics or WL5n 400G coherent pluggables to deliver 400G connectivity throughout the network. Additionally, the service provider is using Ciena’s flexible 6500 ROADM photonic layer for resiliency and scalability, and its Navigator Network Control Suite (Navigator NCS) for multi-layer visibility and simplified network management.

Astound leverages Navigator’s PlannerPlus and Emulation Cloud to accelerate its network build with online network planning and design tools and an open environment for integration testing with operational support systems. This allows the company to deploy the right coherent technology for any distance at the lowest power and cost, perform calculations well before any hardware is deployed, according to Knorr.

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