Beerntsen’s Candies Continues to Thrive Despite Increasing Cocoa Costs

Beerntsen’s Candies Continues to Thrive Despite Increasing Cocoa Costs

Beerntsen’s Candies recently released a video showcasing their selection of Easter candies. Despite rising cocoa prices, the business has not seen a significant impact on sales. Customers have stated that while the price increase may alter their chocolate shopping habits, it will not deter them from purchasing their favorite treats.

Blake Beerntsen, owner of the candy store, shared that they go through over 5,000 pounds of milk chocolate during the Easter season. He attributes the increase in cocoa prices to a poor crop yield, resulting in a 28 to 40% price hike. However, the store has contracts for bulk chocolate that will delay any significant price increases until later in the year.

According to CNBC, cocoa futures contracts for May deliveries have reached an all-time high. However, Beerntsen remains optimistic, noting that price fluctuations are common in the industry. Customers like Ann Smith expressed that they may adjust their Easter basket contents if prices continue to rise, but they value supporting local businesses like Beerntsen’s.

Despite the possibility of higher prices, customers like Molly and Julia Gutowski emphasized that they would continue to indulge in chocolate treats for special occasions. They appreciate the quality of products like chocolate-covered Oreos and believe that occasional indulgence is well-deserved. Beerntsen reassured customers that with their selection of personalized fudge eggs and solid chocolate bunnies, there is no need to fear rising cocoa prices during the Easter season.

Beerntsen encouraged chocolate lovers to continue enjoying their favorite treats, as Easter is traditionally a chocolate-heavy holiday. The store remains open daily to cater to any last-minute chocolate needs that customers may have.

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