Bicyclist in Vinkovci suffers serious injuries after colliding with a car

Bicyclist in Vinkovci suffers serious injuries after colliding with a car

A 69-year-old cyclist in Vinkovci suffered serious physical injuries after colliding with a car. The incident occurred when the cyclist, who was supposed to be moving on the roadway, joined the roadway traffic at an intersection without yielding to the vehicles already on the road. The cyclist hit a passenger car with the front of her bicycle, fell to the pavement, and sustained serious injuries.

According to the Vukovar-Srijemska Police Department, there were three traffic accidents involving injured persons on Thursday, in which cyclists were involved. With the improvement of weather conditions, the number of cyclists and other personal transport drivers on the roads has increased. Due to the lack of protection compared to vehicles, cyclists are considered to be a vulnerable group of road users.

Cyclists are reminded to comply with legal regulations governing their behavior in traffic to ensure their personal safety and that of others. The Law on Road Traffic Safety mandates that bicycles must have lights on both the front and rear when traveling at night or in conditions of reduced visibility. Cyclists must also wear reflective vests or clothing when riding on the road, and use designated paths or lanes when available.

Additionally, cyclists must yield to vehicles when joining roadway traffic, avoid riding in groups side by side, and use hand signals to indicate turns. It is not recommended to ride a bicycle after consuming alcohol, as this can lead to accidents and falls. By following these guidelines and being aware of their surroundings, cyclists can help ensure safe travels on the road.

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