Boeing issues reminder for companies to inspect cockpit buttons after Latam flight incident

Boeing issues reminder for companies to inspect cockpit buttons after Latam flight incident

Boeing, an aircraft manufacturer, has issued a reminder to airlines operating 787 Dreamliners to inspect certain buttons in the cockpits as a precautionary measure. This warning comes after an incident in New Zealand involving a Latam flight that resulted in numerous injuries. Boeing stated that the investigation into the incident is ongoing and that they have reminded operators of a safety bulletin regarding the inspection and maintenance of cockpit seat buttons from 2017. They recommended conducting an inspection at the next maintenance opportunity.

The incident occurred when the Latam plane was flying from Sydney to Auckland and suddenly lost altitude above the Tasman Sea. Passengers reported feeling a sudden drop and the plane diving for a few seconds, causing some to hit the ceiling. Around fifty people needed medical treatment, with twelve being transported to the hospital. The Wall Street Journal reported that the incident was caused by a flight attendant accidentally activating a button on the pilot’s seat, which caused the plane to pitch down.

The button in question is typically covered and not meant to be used while the pilot is in the seat. Both Boeing and the American Aviation Agency are conducting investigations into the incident. The agency’s Corrective Action Review Board will review Boeing’s proposed message to companies regarding the incident. The MOM will be disseminated after the board’s advice, and the situation will be closely monitored.

As the investigation continues, both the airline and aircraft manufacturer are refraining from commenting on the incident. Boeing regularly issues recommendations and advice to operators of its aircraft fleets, but this particular warning is specific to the recent in-flight incident in New Zealand involving a 787 Dreamliner. It is important for operators to follow these precautionary measures to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers and crew.

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