Boosting Student Engagement: Potlatch School District Teacher Receives Grant for Interactive Whiteboard

Potlatch School Educator Wins Idaho Education Technology Association Grant

Potlatch School District #285 is proud to announce that 3rd Grade Teacher Brianna Burkgart has received a grant from the Idaho Education Technology Association (IETA) in the amount of $1,649.00. This grant will be utilized to purchase a new interactive whiteboard for Mrs. Burkgart’s 3rd-grade classroom.

The IETA is a non-profit organization that aims to improve student learning by promoting and supporting the use of technology in Idaho classrooms. Mrs. Burkgart received this grant during the IETA Conference, held from February 7-9, 2024, at the Boise Center in Boise, ID. The Potlatch School District is grateful for the funding from IETA and the impact it will have on both Mrs. Burkgart and her 3rd-grade students.

Introducing this technology into the classroom will open up new avenues for instruction and enhance student engagement. This grant will be a valuable addition to the learning environment at Potlatch School District, and Mrs. Burkgart is excited to integrate the interactive whiteboard into her teaching methods.

Mrs. Burkgart’s students will benefit greatly from this new addition as it will allow them to interact with their lessons in a more hands-on manner, collaborate with their classmates more easily and learn at their own pace through personalized learning experiences.

The Potlatch School District values its commitment to using technology as an effective tool for teaching and learning, and this grant aligns with that mission perfectly.

Overall, this grant represents an investment in not only Mrs. Burkgart but also her students’ education, as they are now equipped with new tools to enhance their learning experience.

The use of interactive whiteboards has become increasingly popular among teachers due to its ability to make lessons more engaging and interactive, allowing students to take an active role in their own learning.

Mrs. Burkgart believes that introducing technology into her classroom will lead to improved academic performance and increased student engagement.

The Potlatch School District congratulates Mrs. Burkgart on receiving this grant and looks forward to seeing how it enhances student learning within her classroom.

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