Bouygues Telecom and Sewan Lead the Way in Work-Study Programs for Tech Industry Aspiring Professionals

Pampering Apprentices: Work-Study Companies that go the Extra Mile

Bouygues Telecom offers work-study programs for students who want to kickstart their careers in the tech industry. Laure Brito, Campus Manager of Bouygues Telecom, explains that the company has a recruitment campaign from February to June and is always looking to create new opportunities for young people. She is in contact with students all year round, both through forums and conferences, as well as showing them the company’s technology park in Meudon (Hauts-de-Seine).

Once recruited, work-study students begin with an integration day with other apprentices and interns. The morning is dedicated to discovering different sectors while the afternoon takes place in a more relaxed format with games to get to know each other better. On the management side, work-study students have several people to talk to including their tutor who will monitor their progress and provide guidance throughout their mission. Bouygues Telecom requires its tutors to have at least one year of experience and attend a training session where they can learn best practices for supporting young people. Students can also confide in an HR representative for professional or personal questions. Finally, Bouygues Telecom interns and work-study students have their own online community called “Be Young” where they can chat with each other or organize events.

Sewan is another Parisian company that specializes in networks and cloud services for businesses. They have been offering work-study programs since 2020 after realizing they could not offer adequate support without hiring additional staff members capable of investing time into mentoring an apprentice. Today, Sewan has 10 work-study students whose contracts range from 1 to 3 years. According to the Work-Study Observatory, only 7% of apprentices believe they have benefited from an integration and training course upon arrival. On the business side, one in two employers feel like they are putting it into practice but recognize difficulties in finding tutors due to lack of time (43%) or skills needed to supervise and train a young person (45%).

To make the program as motivating as possible, Sewan reserves some advantages for these young people such as mobility opportunities allowing them to discover different services throughout their mission, as well as financial benefits such as allocated restaurant vouchers and a value sharing bonus worth €1000 per work-study student plus €3% of their annual net remuneration.

The Union of National Social Security Funds (Ucanss) is little known by the general public but brings together over 300 “Secu” organizations and their 145,000 employees. Among them are expected around 2,000 apprentices in 2024.

Isabelle Bertin, director of Ucanss explains that this apprenticeship policy was initiated because it seems essential for them as a public service organization to contribute

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