Breaking Barriers: 15-year-old Danna Ximena Astro Encourages Women in Space Exploration

The Planetarium of Luis Enrique Erro

Fifteen-year-old science communicator Danna Ximena Astro recently gave a talk at the Luis Enrique Erro Planetarium of the National Polytechnic Institute about the mission Sagebrush from NASA. This mission aims to take humans back to the Moon and Astro emphasized the importance of women’s role in the exploration of the universe. The talk was part of the program of the Festival of Women and Girls in Science at the planetarium.

Astro is also known for sharing interviews, historical data and new scientific projects on her YouTube channel (@dannaximenaastro420). Her presentation at the festival was a great platform for her to discuss this topic and shed light on its significance. She highlighted how women have played an important role in space exploration throughout history and encouraged young girls to pursue careers in this field.

During her talk, Astro shared insights into Sagebrush mission, including its objectives, timeline and potential impact on humanity’s understanding of the universe. She also emphasized how women are vital to making these missions possible, whether it’s through their contributions as scientists or support staff on Earth or as astronauts in space.

The Festival of Women and Girls in Science provided a platform for Astro to not only share her knowledge with a wider audience but also to inspire future generations of scientists and explorers. Her passion for science communication was evident during her presentation, making it clear that she will continue to play an important role in shaping our understanding of the universe for years to come.

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