Breaking Barriers: New York City’s Josh Kerr Makes History at the Millrose Games with Record-Beating 2-Mile Performance

Josh Kerr Breaks the World Indoor Record for 2-Mile Race at Millrose

In New York City, at the Millrose Games, the World Champion made history by breaking the world indoor record for a 2-mile race. Josh Kerr finished the race in 8:00.67, three seconds faster than the previous record set by Mo Farah in 2015. Throughout the race, Kerr tracked the leader, Grant Fisher, before making his move with 400 meters left and finishing with a final lap of 56.97 seconds.

After the race, Kerr expressed how difficult it was and admitted that he believed Fisher was going to be stronger throughout the race. Grant Fisher also had a strong performance, finishing in second place with a time of 8:03.62, which is now the overall American record for the 2-mile race. Cole Hocker came in third place with a time of 8:05.70, while George Beamish finished fourth in 8:05.73. This race showcased incredible talent and determination, with Kerr’s record-breaking performance solidifying his status as a top runner in the world.

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