Breaking Down Barriers: The Importance of a Gender Perspective in Science and Technology Research

Exploring the World of Research Through Violet Lenses

Science and technology research is not only important for the progress of society, but it is also crucial to have a gender perspective in all aspects of this field. This was emphasized by Cecilia Montero, the former president of the Mexican Network of Science Journalists, during a panel on communicating science with a gender perspective. The panel took place at the Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico on February 11, in honor of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

Montero highlighted the importance of viewing scientific research through “violet glasses,” or a new way of looking at the world that recognizes and addresses unfair situations and disadvantages faced by women. She emphasized that this perspective should be applied not only to women, but also to men, as both are part of a diverse society in which scientific knowledge is generated and communicated.

Mónica Angulo Miñarro, project manager at the British Council and voluntary general director of Girls in Tech Mexico, agreed with Montero, emphasizing the need for scientific research to also be carried out with a gender perspective. She discussed a decalogue for the communication of science with a gender perspective, promoted by the chair of scientific culture at the University of the Basque Country.

The panelists also highlighted the importance of involving more women, particularly girls, in scientific research and communication. Liliana Quintanar from Cinvestav and biologist Aketzalli González Santiago from La Bombilla outreach collective participated in the discussion, stressing the need for scientific communication with a gender perspective throughout history and addressing an androcentric viewpoint within these disciplines. They emphasized that representation within scientific work is essential for both sexes.

In conclusion, applying a gender perspective to all aspects of scientific and technological research is crucial to ensure that social justice issues are addressed while ensuring representation for both sexes within these fields. The goal is not only to advance science but also to promote diversity within society as well as within specific contexts where science is communicated and disseminated.

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