Breaking Down the New 988 Crisis Resource and its Impact on Mental Health

Mental Health Lifeline PSA Set to Air During Super Bowl 988

According to behavioral health expert Jeff Dismukes, the number 988 can save lives. This resource is available for both crisis situations and individuals seeking services in their community. Dismukes believes that the public service announcement (PSA) airing during the Super Bowl has the potential to save many lives.

The PSA, titled “Fake,” aims to discuss mental health and suicide among men, reminding people that it’s okay to seek help and that resources are available. Dismukes notes that men often feel the need to mask their emotions, which is why addressing these issues in a public arena like the Super Bowl is not typically done.

Dismukes predicts that the positive impact of the ad will encourage people to access resources and seek help. He expresses pride in Oklahoma’s efforts to normalize mental health discussions on a national stage and believes it can set a standard for other states to follow.

During the Super Bowl, the PSA will provide information on how to connect with the right resources by calling or texting 988. For more information on the PSA and 988, additional details can be found by clicking on the provided links.

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