Breakthrough in Hostage Rescue: Two Argentines Freed from Hamas Captivity by IDF and American Forces

Israeli forces conduct surprise operation to free two Argentinian Hamas hostages

As part of a daring night mission, two Argentines, Fernando Marman and Louis Hartwo, were rescued from Hamas captivity by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Officials confirmed that both men are in good health. The President of Argentina expressed his gratitude to the IDF, Shabak, and Israeli Police for their efforts in freeing the hostages and reiterated his condemnation of Hamas terrorism.

Marman and Hartwo were among more than 240 hostages taken by Hamas in an attack on Israeli territory, resulting in over 26,000 deaths as a result of the conflict. The IDF, Israel’s secret service, and special police forces collaborated on a joint operation to free the two hostages.

The rescue came after several cancellations of previous attempts due to security concerns. A joint operation between Israeli and American forces resulted in the successful rescue of Marman and Hartwo from a heavily guarded building. In response to attempts to intercept the rescue mission, Hamas was attacked by the Israeli air force. Two Israelis were also rescued during the operation.

However, other Argentines remain held by Hamas in Gaza along with many others. The Prime Minister of Israel and his defense minister are currently engaging with international leaders over Israel’s advance on Rafah as they work towards a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict.

In summary, two Argentine hostages were released after a daring night mission involving Israeli and American forces. The rescue came after several failed attempts due to security concerns. While some progress has been made in freeing prisoners held by Hamas, many remain captive as tensions continue to rise between Israel and Gaza-based militants groups like Hamas.

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