British Airways Fires Cabin Crew Members for Making Fun of Asian Passengers

British Airways Fires Cabin Crew Members for Making Fun of Asian Passengers

Two British Airways flight attendants have been fired after a racist incident involving mocking Asian passengers. The incident was captured in a viral TikTok video showing Holly Walton making a racist gesture and mocking a Chinese accent. The video, which has reached over a million views, was filmed in 2022 but was only recently posted online. The clip shows Walton making an offensive gesture and imitating a Chinese accent while saying, “Give me wine.”

According to a report by The Sun, the video was recorded in a hotel on the island of Antigua in the Caribbean in between flights. The coworkers of Walton and Lauren Bray reported that they were mocking a Chinese family who spoke little English on a flight from London. This behavior was met with complaints from coworkers who reported the incident to management after seeing the video on TikTok.

As a result of their actions, Walton and Bray were dismissed from their positions at British Airways. A spokesperson for the airline stated that all forms of racism are unacceptable and that the allegations were taken very seriously. Despite this, Bray is reportedly appealing against her dismissal.

The incident has caused outrage within the airline industry and among passengers who expect better behavior from flight attendants. The firing of the two flight attendants sends a strong message that racism will not be tolerated in professional settings, especially in customer service roles where interactions with people from different backgrounds are common.

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