Brooklyn Students Educated on Earthquakes Following Friday’s Tremor

Brooklyn Students Educated on Earthquakes Following Friday’s Tremor

Students at a school in Red Hook, Brooklyn had a firsthand experience with an earthquake on Friday morning, sparking excitement and curiosity among them. A strange sound was heard in Brian Bissinger’s third-grade science class as glass beakers rattled on the shelves. The class was puzzled by the sound, with some students thinking it was just people walking around.

After ensuring everyone’s safety with a school-wide drill, the science teacher, Mr. Bissinger, seized the opportunity to discuss the science behind earthquakes with his students. The students learned that earthquakes are caused by the shifting of tectonic plates underground, causing the ground to shake. This knowledge complemented their current lessons on space and the movement of the Earth.

Despite the initial shock of the earthquake experience, students like Laila Madhosingh and Hudson Barrion found it to be an exciting and memorable event. Even senior Alex Rosenzweig, who is graduating soon, felt a mix of fear and excitement from his experience on the fifth floor of the school. The school is now planning a large eclipse watch party for the students, further igniting interest in science among them.

Teachers noted that concerned parents reached out throughout the day, but the students were captivated by the experience and eager to learn more about earthquakes. The unexpected event will likely leave a lasting impression on the students, making it a valuable lesson for them.

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