Burglaries, Abandoned Safes and Car Prowlers: A Crime Wave in West Seattle’s Morgan Junction and North Admiral/Schmitz Park Areas

West Seattle Crime Watch: Two Business Burglaries, Safe Recovery, and Interrupted Car Prowler

There were four crime reports from West Seattle Crime Watch, starting with two business burglaries. Firstly, at just after 3 am, a crash-and-grab burglary occurred at the Morgan Junction Domino’s. Police responded to what they believed was a crash, but it turned out to be a burglary. No significant damage was reported, but the safe was taken.

Another pizza burglary happened at A Pizza Mart on 35th and Roxbury during the 8 am hour. According to the report, police were called due to a damaged door, which turned out to be a burglary.

A reader emailed a photo and report of an abandoned safe found south of The Junction. While it is unclear if this is the Domino’s safe, it was discovered in “the alley between California and 42nd, south of Edmunds.”

Lastly, Peter had an encounter with a car prowler just before 5 am in the North Admiral/Schmitz Park area (55th and Charlestown). He reported that he scared off a car prowler in a white truck who were checking handles of cars with their lights off before he scared them off.

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