Business owners worried about potential TikTok prohibition

Business owners worried about potential TikTok prohibition

The possibility of a ban on TikTok has sparked concerns, especially among small business owners in Wisconsin who rely on the platform for their marketing strategies. Charrie Ferguson, the owner of The PlaySpace in downtown Racine, credits TikTok for playing a crucial role in boosting her business. Posting videos on TikTok has been an effective way for her to advertise to young families and reach a wider audience.

Ferguson mentioned how TikTok has helped her connect with other small business owners to share insights and best practices. Similarly, Alec Lachman, who works in the gaming space and produces content for businesses, attributes his success as an entrepreneur to TikTok. Lachman stated that TikTok has been the main driver behind his sales, advertising, and leveraging his platform.

Despite U.S. government officials expressing privacy concerns over TikTok user information being shared with the Chinese government, many users like Lachman and Ferguson believe that the benefits of the app outweigh the risks. Ferguson emphasized that, as a small business owner, TikTok does more good than harm, and a ban on the platform would be crippling to businesses across the United States.

President Joe Biden has indicated his support for banning TikTok if approved by both the House and Senate. However, for small business owners like Ferguson and Lachman, TikTok has been instrumental in growing their businesses and connecting with a larger audience.

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