Cache County Executive Praises Openness and Responsiveness of Lawmakers as They Address Local Needs and Priorities

New Study Reveals Agriculture Remains a Key Resource in the Local Economy of Zook – Cache Valley Daily

Cache County Executive David Zook recently shared his thoughts on how lawmakers have been open and accessible when making decisions that affect local residents. He believes this is partly due to the history of the caucus and convention system, which has made elected officials feel a need to be responsive to citizens.

Zook also discussed a recent economic study that was commissioned by the Cache County Water District and other organizations. The study found that agriculture remains a significant part of the local economy, and it relies heavily on water. Much of the economic activity is happening in Cache Valley, with a particular impact on the Bear River region.

During the legislative session, Zook mentioned that there are bills being watched closely by the county. They have some priorities, including transportation bills such as funding for the South Valley corridor and an east-west connector between SR 89-91 and SR 165, as well as projects like the new American Welcome Center and facility for Little Lambs that will benefit the local community.

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