Caputo welcomes US Treasury official to discuss reforms and IMF collaboration

Caputo welcomes US Treasury official to discuss reforms and IMF collaboration

The Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, is scheduled to meet with Brent Neiman, a US Treasury envoy, on Friday to continue discussions on the adjustment plan, the IMF agreement, and the progress of reforms. Caputo recently met with the head of the Central Bank and will engage with other government and private sector representatives in the coming days.

Neiman, Undersecretary of International Finance at the US Treasury, will be meeting with Caputo for the fourth time in recent weeks, signaling ongoing dialogue between the two countries. Discussions have focused on bilateral relationships, economic reforms, and cooperation with multilateral organizations like the IMF.

The IMF and Treasury officials are closely monitoring the direction of Argentina’s economic shock plan. While there are discussions about expanding loans to Argentina, the IMF has emphasized the importance of not disproportionately burdening vulnerable sectors with the adjustment plan.

The government is working on presenting a roadmap at the end of the month to lift restrictions and move away from the dual exchange rate system. President Caputo has expressed the need for more reserves to secure the country’s economic stability.

In the midst of these discussions, Caputo has engaged with various US officials, including former senator Chris Dodd and Treasury representatives. These interactions focus on international economic priorities, response to global conflicts, financial regulation, and bilateral relationships.

Overall, the meetings between Caputo and US officials highlight the ongoing efforts to address economic challenges and work towards sustainable solutions for Argentina.

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