CARE Benefits from Depeche Mode World Tour

CARE Benefits from Depeche Mode World Tour

Martin and the band treated lucky CARE supporters to a special VIP meet-and-greet before their show. One fan expressed their excitement at meeting Martin Gore after seeing them perform ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ live, describing it as their favorite concert moment ever. There’s something about that song that brings them instant joy and meeting Martin was a dream come true.

During their tour, Depeche Mode is actively supporting CARE through various fundraisers and donations collected from guest tickets. Last August in Warsaw, Depeche Mode held a meet-and-greet auction with CARE Poland staff, raising $17,000 for Ukraine refugee relief. The event received extensive coverage in the local media.

Martin Gore and his wife Kerrilee are longtime CARE donors, contributing to relief efforts in various countries including Ukraine, Türkiye/Syria, and Morocco. They have also helped fund the Film School at the Azraq refugee camp in Jordan, providing teens with filmmaking skills and a creative outlet for their own stories.

CARE appreciates the generosity and compassion of Martin and Kerrilee Gore, as well as the other members of Depeche Mode. They wish them continued success on their tour. For more information on Depeche Mode’s partnership with CARE, visit

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