The Mysteries of the Human Body: Answers to Science Quiz’s Tough Questions

The Science Quiz is a weekly feature on the daily Science page of the epaper, accessible every day except Saturday. The quiz challenges readers with questions related to various scientific topics and encourages them to test their knowledge. One question in the quiz asks about the strongest muscle in the human body relative to its […]

Octavia Butler: Seeding Futures – Celebrating the Life and Legacy of a Pioneering Science Fiction Author”.

The first-ever exhibit dedicated to the life and writing of science fiction author Octavia Butler is set to open at The New Children’s Museum in downtown San Diego on March 9th. This exhibit, titled Octavia Butler: Seeding Futures, will showcase the work and early experiences of the MacArthur fellow, who became the first Black woman […]

Funding Woes Threaten Groundbreaking Telescope Projects

The Thirty Meter Telescope may face a significant threat to its funding due to a recent decision by the National Science Foundation (NSF) board. The NSF has imposed a budget cap of $1.6 billion on giant telescope projects, which will impact both the TMT and the Giant Magellan Telescope in Chile. Originally, the NSF planned […]

Unlocking Big Data Insights: How to Secure O(10,000) Perlmutter GPU Node Hours from NERSC for Your Next Cutting-Edge Computational Project

To be considered for NERSC’s allocation of O(10,000) Perlmutter GPU node hours, interested teams must fill out the application form and provide a well-defined project scope that outlines the scientific background, objectives, methodology, and impact on the scientific community. In addition to specifying their computational resource requirements and utilization plan, teams must also demonstrate their […]

Developing Equitable Science Lessons: A New Framework for Inclusive Education

Creating equitable science lessons that cater to all learners can be a daunting task for educators. To address this challenge, the Institute for School Partnership (ISP) at Washington University in St. Louis has developed a new framework aimed at providing criteria for lesson development in elementary science. This framework was created by a team of […]

Navigating Sustainability: Unpacking Insights from the Latest Studies in Green Innovation, Reporting, and Biodiversity Management

There have been several articles published on a variety of topics related to green innovation, sustainability reporting, corporate biodiversity management, greenwashing, ESG factors, and corporate Paris Compliance. Borsatto, J. M. L. S. & Amui, L. B. L., in their article published in Resources, Conservation and Recycling discuss the relationship between green innovation, environmental regulations and […]

Leap Years and Earth’s Rotation: A Science Extravaganza with Jasmine and Chrissy from NIU Steam

Jasmine and Chrissy from NIU Steam host The Sound of Science on WNIJ, where they discuss the concept of leap years and how they give us an extra 24 hours in the calendar year. In 2024, we will have a leap year, meaning an additional day will be added to February. The idea behind leap […]

Rapid Growth in the Computer Science Industry: Eastern Oregon University Recognized as a Top Online Program for Affordable and Personalized Education

The computer science industry is growing rapidly, with projections indicating a 15% increase in demand for skilled professionals between 2021 and 2031. This growth is three times faster than the national average for all occupations, with approximately 683,000 new jobs anticipated. Eastern Oregon University (EOU) has been recognized as one of the top 10 online […]

Revolutionizing Cancer Research: AI Discovers Two Distinct Forms of Prostate Cancer

A breakthrough discovery in prostate cancer research has been made using artificial intelligence (AI). Scientists from the University of Oxford and the University of Manchester applied AI to analyze prostate cancer samples from 159 patients and discovered that there are actually two distinct forms of the disease. This finding is significant considering that prostate cancer […]

A Look into the Diverse Real Estate Market in Ballston, Galway, Greenfield and Malta: Notable Transactions Shape These Communities

In Ballston, Matthew Denney sold property at 112 Lake Rd to James Caverly for $350,000. Eastline Holdings LLC also sold property at 7 Basswood Ct to Min Chia Ling for $561,921. In Galway, Mary Ellen Boyce sold property at 3026 Galway Rd to Einar Larsen for $150,000. These transactions represent significant transfers of property in […]