Sols 2049-2051: Continuing Towards the North

Currently, Curiosity is exploring the Blunts Point member of the Murray formation and is searching for a suitable location to drill in the near future. The SOWG Chair led the team in putting together a busy weekend plan focused on completing contact science at the current location and driving further north into the Blunts Point […]

View the winning photos from Concordia University’s 2024 Science Captured competition

This year, four graduate students were awarded Concordia’s $250 Science Captured Prize for their outstanding entries in the competition. The competition challenges grad students and postdocs to present their research in the form of a captivating image. The winning entries this year showcase a variety of interesting subjects, ranging from tiny molecules in batteries to […]

Alaska Science Forum Discusses Sun Waiting at Poker Flat

Glesener and Savage are preparing separate rockets that will carry instruments designed to gather valuable information on solar flares. Solar flares are explosive events on the sun that release charged particles into space, sometimes affecting Earth by causing auroras or damaging satellites and power grids. As the two scientists monitor live readings from satellites orbiting […]

ABC 6 News Covers Kasson-Mantorville Elementary Science Day

The ABC 6 News Team presents the latest local, regional, and national news events of the day, along with updated sports, weather, and traffic. Inside Kasson-Mantorville Elementary School, Monday was devoted to Earth science for first-graders. Students received hands-on learning from various organizations such as 4H, an educational nonprofit, which held a “green shack” to […]

Public Talk by Cam Morgan on CASTOR: Canada’s Flagship Space Telescope

The WCA-KPL Astronomy Talk series is a monthly event jointly organized by the Waterloo Centre for Astrophysics and Kitchener Public Library. It takes place on the last Wednesday of each month, providing an opportunity for people to learn about the latest developments in space-based astronomy. Canada has a long history of making significant contributions to […]

Resources for Citizen Scientists

Citizen Science, also known as Community Science, programs aim to involve a wide range of individuals in helping scientists gather and analyze data. These programs make it possible for people to contribute in areas where professional scientists and computers may struggle. For instance, in projects like Galaxy Zoo, volunteers can help identify patterns and locate […]

Rostraver Township couple generously donates $1M to help finish Westminster College science center

Bill and C.J. Maurer of Rostraver Township were honored at Westminster College in New Wilmington, where an atrium was named in their honor. The Maurer family donated $1 million to the college, and Bill Maurer explained that he recognized the importance of supporting independent colleges compared to state schools. He expressed that he felt it […]

KCSR/ KBPY Hosts Virtual Science Café on Indigenous Cancer Research

The upcoming virtual science cafe as part of the Nebraska Science Festival will be led by UNMC’s Regina Idoate and Aislinn Rookwood. This event will take place on April 18 at 5:30 p.m. and will focus on “Indigenous Cancer Research Education for Environmental Justice.” During the cafe, Regina Idoate, PhD, and Aislinn Rookwood will present […]

Ambulances Utilizing Whole Blood for Medical Treatment

For the last five years, first responders all over the world have been closely monitoring San Antonio. Dr. CJ Winckler, the deputy medical director of the San Antonio Fire Department, highlighted the city’s unique EMS system as the first and only metropolitan system in America to carry whole blood for transfusions. This initiative involves eight […]

CBSE hosts Science Challenge Program for Students in Grades 8 to 10

The CBSE Science Challenge is a program organized by the Central Board of Secondary Education for students in classes 8 to 10. It aims to promote curiosity, inquiry, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills among students. The challenge is divided into two rounds: an intra-school competition and an inter-school challenge. The core theme of the challenge […]