Uploading a Sample with Javier Milei’s Record for Sale

A user is selling a file containing 5.7 million images of Argentine driver’s licenses, including those of famous individuals like the President of the Nation and other officials. The data appears to be real, matching the information on the actual licenses. Some photos are outdated, signed, or unsigned. The sample also includes licenses of celebrities […]

AskMarcum.ai Commercial Version Launched by Marcum Technology

Marcum Technology, based in New York, is a leading innovator in AI solutions and has announced the official release of AskMarcum.ai. This product is the result of 18 months of development within Marcum Labs, a division of Marcum, which has a net revenue of $1.2 billion for fiscal year 2022. The release of AskMarcum.ai represents […]

Hydro presents innovative recycling technology as flagship solution • Recycling International

Hydro has recently inaugurated a new recycling unit at its Årdal primary aluminium plant in Norway, representing an investment of EUR 86 million. The upgraded casting line in Årdal will combine primary aluminium produced with renewable hydropower with up to 30% post-consumer aluminium scrap. This move allows Årdal to produce its branded Reduxa 3.0 aluminium […]

Elon Musk predicts when AI will surpass human intelligence

Elon Musk was a co-founder of OpenAI but decided to abandon the project due to concerns about its potential harm to humanity. In an interview with Nicolai Tangen, executive director of Norges Bank Investment Management, Musk made a troubling prediction about the future of artificial intelligence (AI). Given Musk’s expertise in the field – he […]

Improve Security by Speeding up the Implementation of Digital Visitor Management Systems

The evolving workplace landscape has placed a significant emphasis on organizations to replace traditional paper logbooks with advanced digital visitor management systems in order to enhance security. Outdated methods are no longer sufficient as incidents of unauthorized access and data breaches increase globally. This shift towards digital solutions is essential for organizations looking to improve […]

Santoni Unveils Cutting-Edge Seamless Technology in Latest Collection

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International influencers are impressed by the technology-empowered Xi’an

Actresses adorned in the military attire of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) can be seen patrolling the Xi’an City Wall Scenic Area in Shaanxi province, captured in a photograph taken on Nov 28, 2023. The city wall, dating back 600 years to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), is renowned in Chinese history as one of the best-preserved […]

NASA captures Total Solar Eclipse over North America from space: Watch the stunning video from United States, Mexico, and Canada with advanced technology

Geostationary satellites orbiting 36,000 kilometers away captured images of the total solar eclipse that toured North America on April 8. The sequence, released by the European Space Agency, corresponds to the observations made by the GOES 16 satellite of NOAA and NASA. It shows the moon’s shadow moving across North America between approximately 14:00 and […]

Microsoft Fixes Critical Security Vulnerability Exposing Employee Files and Passwords

Researchers from the cybersecurity company SOCRadar discovered a vulnerability in a storage server hosted in Microsoft’s Azure cloud, which stored sensitive company information related to Bing, the search engine. The server was not protected with a password and contained codes, scripts, and configuration files with passwords, keys, and credentials used by Microsoft employees to access […]

Modernizing Pork Farming: A New Era in Agriculture

I have a tendency to hold onto my phone for as long as possible, even if it means enduring a dying battery. My last phone lasted me four years before I finally decided to upgrade to a newer model. To my surprise, the technological advancements in phones now are impressive. The new features on my […]