Chiefs and 49ers Still Split Despite Betting Odds Flipping: Super Bowl LVIII Preview

Chiefs are still slight underdogs, with a 1.5 point spread

The 49ers have settled in as two-point favorites for Super Bowl LVIII, but the Chiefs are now only favored by 1.5 points according to DraftKings sportsbook. Despite initially being considered underdogs, the Chiefs’ strong performance has made it surprising that they are still seen as such. Both teams experienced upset losses on Christmas, but the Chiefs have shown improvement since then while the 49ers have been struggling to make progress.

The Chiefs and 49ers have both been successful in the playoffs, with the Chiefs winning three games and the 49ers winning two after trailing behind. Many believe that the Chiefs will win, largely due to the skill of their quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, who is determined to achieve a level of success similar to Tom Brady‚Äôs seven Super Bowl wins. However, some may doubt the Chiefs’ ability to win, it is hard to bet against Mahomes given his history of successful performances.

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