Chiefs Wide Receiver Mecole Hardman’s Blissful Ignorance Leads to Super Bowl Win in Overtime

Patrick Mahomes informs Mecole Hardman about overtime rule, helping Chiefs win the game

During Super Bowl LVIII, Chiefs wide receiver Mecole Hardman caught the game-winning pass from Patrick Mahomes in overtime. However, Hardman was not aware that the new playoff overtime rules had been put in place which guarantees both teams a possession even if the team that receives the kickoff scores a touchdown. As a result, he did not realize that the Chiefs had won the game until Mahomes informed him in the end zone.

Following the game, during a post-game interview on NFL Network, Mahomes shared a humorous story about telling Hardman that they had just won the Super Bowl. It turned out that Hardman had not celebrated at first because he was unaware that his team had secured victory.

Despite his lack of awareness at the time, Hardman’s game-winning play has earned him a place in history as part of the Super Bowl-winning team.

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