Colombia Wins Gold at Sucre 2024 Bolivarian Youth Games

Colombia Wins Gold at Sucre 2024 Bolivarian Youth Games

Colombia emerged as the champion of the Sucre 2024 Bolivarian Youth Games, securing first place in the overall classification with 73 gold medals, 51 silver, and 55 bronze, totaling 179 medals. Venezuela followed in second place, with Chile coming in third. The event was broadcast live worldwide through the Panam Sports Channel. The medal table can be viewed here.

After 10 days of fierce competition involving over 1,610 young athletes from 7 countries, the I Bolivarian Youth Games Sucre 2024 came to a close today. A total of 24 sports and 27 disciplines were contested, with Colombia emerging as the champion and top medalist of the competition, claiming 73 gold medals.

In the general classification, Venezuela secured second place with 63 gold medals, 48 silver, and 55 bronze, totaling 157 medals. Third place was taken by Team Chile with 30 gold, 40 silver, and 47 bronze medals, totaling 117. Following them were Ecuador, Peru, the local team from Bolivia, Panama, and Team ODEBO.

Colombia excelled in sports such as Archery, Squash, Boxing, Judo, Road Cycling, Artistic Gymnastics, Tennis, and Athletics, showcasing the talent of its athletes. The Wrestling competition marked the end of Sucre 2024, with the Closing Ceremony scheduled for this afternoon at the Aniceto Arce Ex Station.

The Closing Ceremony will include the traditional parade of delegations, performances by local artists, speeches from authorities, and the extinguishing of the Bolivarian Fire of the Cauldron, followed by artistic shows by Cumbaros, Esencia, and Zona Pública. The ceremony will be broadcast live on the Panam Sports Channel.

Panam Sports extends congratulations to ODEBO, its president Baltazar Medina, and the people of Bolivia for successfully hosting the I Bolivarian Youth Games Sucre 2024.

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