Concrete Meets Comic-Con in Las Vegas: A Look at the SpecMix Bricklayer 500 and the World of Concrete Convention

World of Concrete features true rock stars

The SpecMix Bricklayer 500 is one of the main attractions at the annual World of Concrete (WOC) convention in Las Vegas. This 700,000-square-foot event brings together industry professionals from all over the world to showcase cutting-edge equipment, high-tech materials, and new methods for everything related to concrete.

The WOC has been held in Las Vegas for the past 50 years and is considered a premier event for the concrete industry. CBS News correspondent Conor Knighton recently took a closer look at this unique universe, highlighting the excitement and innovation that takes place there. From the latest advancements in concrete technology to the intense competition of the bricklayer contest, Knighton captured it all on camera.

According to Kevin Thornton, an executive at the company that runs the event, it’s like “ComicCon for concrete guys”. With its impressive displays of cutting-edge equipment and innovative materials, as well as its lively competitions and demonstrations, it’s easy to see why Thornton makes that comparison. The SpecMix Bricklayer 500 is just one of many events that take place during the three-day convention.

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