Could Israel be losing its closest ally in Europe?

Could Israel be losing its closest ally in Europe?

Olaf Schulz, the Chancellor of Germany, is one of Israel’s last friends in Europe at the current point in time. He recently visited Israel for the second time during the war in Gaza. During his first visit, held only ten days after a terrorist attack, Schulz pledged to stand by Israel and help it defend itself. However, in his most recent visit, Schulz expressed concerns about the high number of casualties on the Palestinian side and the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

Critics in Germany are beginning to question the unwavering support that Schulz and the German government have given to Israel during the conflict in Gaza. They argue that Germany’s relationship with Arab countries has been damaged by their pro-Israeli stance. Despite these criticisms, Schulz reiterated his support for Israel’s right to defend itself during his visit to Israel.

While Schulz did not threaten to withdraw support for Israel publicly, he did express doubts about the nature of the Israeli military operation in Gaza. This has caused a rift in relations between governments and could lead to a crisis with the entire continent. As European leaders increasingly voice criticism of Israel’s actions in Gaza, Israel may find itself with fewer allies in Europe.

Despite the challenges Israel faces in Europe, it remains a critical trading partner for many European countries and is part of the western democratic bloc. The support of countries like Germany is essential for Israel’s legitimacy on the continent. Schulz’s statements during his visit indicate a shift in European attitudes towards Israel, which could have significant implications for the ongoing conflict in the region.

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