Couple opening a gun business in their North Phoenix home stirs up controversy

Couple opening a gun business in their North Phoenix home stirs up controversy

Residents of a north Phoenix neighborhood are expressing their dissatisfaction after learning that one of their neighbors has applied to operate a gun and ammo business out of his home. Neighbor Michael Shetlar voiced his concerns stating, “It’s not the right place for it.”

John Shaw and Ryan Zillioux are the individuals behind the proposed business, King Tactical, LLC, which would be based at one of their homes near 34th Street and Utopia Road. In a phone interview with Arizona’s Family, Shaw and Zillioux explained that the business would primarily operate online with minimal personal contact. They plan to sell guns, ammo, and tactical gear.

Despite acknowledging the owner as a good person, Shetlar emphasized that the issue is not personal but rather a matter of having a gun business in their neighborhood. Shaw and Zillioux assured that all security and safety measures would be taken and that they would comply with regulations set by the ATF.

Shetlar raised concerns not only about the nature of the products being sold but also about the commercial zoning implications for the neighborhood. Shaw and Zillioux clarified that the majority of sales would be conducted online, with customers needing to pass a background check and schedule an appointment for pickup.

The pair stated that starting the business from a home was a stepping stone and that they hope to eventually move to a larger facility. Shaw and Zillioux believe that the community’s apprehension stems from a lack of understanding about the business operations.

The city of Phoenix confirmed that the applicants are seeking a use permit for a home occupation, which is necessary due to the potential increase in traffic and the requirement for an official approval from the ATF for a Federal Firearms License. The case will be reviewed at the April 4 Zoning Adjustment Hearing.

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