Court Ruling: Netherlands Must Stop F-35 Part Transfers to Israel in Wake of Human Rights Violations Allegations

Netherlands Court Halts Export of F-35 Aircraft Parts to Israel

In a major blow to the Israeli Air Force, a court in The Hague has ruled that the Netherlands must stop all transfers of F-35 aircraft parts currently in use by Israel from American army warehouses in the country. The decision was made after an appeal was filed by human rights organizations in the Netherlands, which argued that such transfers could implicate the Netherlands in human rights violations and war crimes.

In its ruling, the court stated that there is a clear and immediate risk of significant violations of human rights being committed in the Gaza Strip by the F-35 aircraft used by the Israeli Air Force. The court ruled that Israel does not take into account the consequences of its bombings on the civilian population, leading to a disproportionate number of deaths on the Palestinian side, including thousands of children.

According to international treaties to which the Netherlands is a signatory, the export of weapons must be prohibited if there is a significant fear of violations of international law. Therefore, the court ruled that the export of F-35 parts to Israel must not take place. The court also ruled that the government’s decision not to intervene in the parts export agreement constituted a violation of the Netherlands’ obligations according to international treaties.

The court ordered

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