Croatian Drug Lab Fails to Analyze All Syringes Submitted for Analysis; Discovers High Quantities of Cocaine, Methadone in Used Addict Syringes

Cocaine found in drug addicts’ needles and syringes: Examining new methods of drug use

In September of last year, the laboratory for psychoactive substances from drugs at the Croatian Institute of Public Health began working. Their primary goal was to gather as much information as possible about the drug market, how consumption methods were changing, and what was most commonly used on the streets of Croatian cities.

With the help of the HELP association from Split, they received 250 samples of syringes and needles. Despite their efforts, only 160 of these samples were able to be analyzed.

As reported by HRT, which visited the laboratory, they found no trace of Fentanyl, a highly dangerous drug currently dominating the market. However, they did discover cocaine and methadone in significant quantities:

“We were all aware that cocaine is typically consumed in a different way than through a syringe,” said Andreja, head of the laboratory for psychoactive substances from drugs. “But it was well represented in syringes. And the most represented was methadone.” He added that it was not pleasant to see such a large quantity of used drug addict syringes in one place and that they should have been more cautious. The team was on high alert to prevent any incidents from occurring.

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