Deadly Shooting Attack Shocks Houston’s Evangelical Megachurch, Sparking Investigations and Controversy

Mother with child shoots in Texas church

A shooting attack took place at the evangelical megachurch Lakewood in Houston, USA, resulting in the death of a woman. The incident occurred during a break between services, with a woman entering the church with a young boy, who was seriously injured. According to reports, the woman was carrying a rifle and wearing a coat and backpack. She allegedly threatened those present by claiming to have a bomb, although no explosives were found.

Despite this, the church co-founder Joel Osteen has stated that the incident occurred just before a Spanish service was to be held. The website for Lakewood Church is currently experiencing technical issues, displaying error messages and inaccessible pages. This may hinder the ability to access important information about the incident and its aftermath.

The shooting attack has left many people shaken and wondering what could have led to such a tragic event at such a popular religious institution. It is unclear what motivated the woman to carry out this act of violence, but it is clear that she posed a threat to those around her. Thankfully, off-duty police officers were on hand to respond quickly and prevent any further harm from coming to those inside the church.

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