Discover the Diverse Talent of NICHD’s Staff: Profiles, Research and Expertise at NIH

Profiles of Women in Science at NICHD

Visitors to NICHD’s website can find detailed profiles of the organization’s staff, as well as the #WomenInScience series on their Instagram feed and LinkedIn profile. To get a deeper understanding of NICHD’s culture and its employees, visitors can also check out the Get to Know NICHD section and NICHD Research Profiles.

Dr. Rouault is a Distinguished NIH Investigator and U.S. veteran who leads the Section on Human Iron Metabolism at NICHD. Dr. Gomez-Lobo heads the Division of Intramural Research’s Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology unit, while Dr. Kassis leads the Section on Gene Expression and serves as head of the Genetics and Epigenetics of Development Affinity Group in DIR. Dr. Le Pichon is in charge of the Unit on Neurodegeneration Development in DIR, while Dr. Grewal serves as Director of the Division of Population Health Research within DIR.

Dr. Cernich is Deputy Director of NICHD, while Dr. Bianchi holds the position of Director of NICHD. Dr. Dasso leads NICHD’s Section on Cell Cycle Regulation and serves as an associate scientific director in DIR, while Dr. Storz is a senior investigator in NICHD’s Section on Environmental Gene Regulation and an associate scientific director in DIR, and Dr. Ozato is a senior investigator in the Section on Molecular Genetics of Immunity at NICHD.

Visitors can explore these profiles to learn more about each staff member’s work, expertise, and contributions to their respective fields at NICHD.

In addition to these individual profiles, visitors can also check out other resources available on NICHD’s website to gain a deeper understanding of their work and research activities.

Overall, by exploring these resources visitors will gain valuable insights into what makes NICHD such an important institution for advancing scientific knowledge and improving public health outcomes across multiple disciplines including genetics, developmental biology, neuroscience and epidemiology among others.

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