Easing the Retirement Process: Agirc-Arrco Supplementary Pension Scheme Opens Doors in 2024

Prepare Your Retirement File with 400,000 Free Agirc-Arrco Interviews

The upcoming retirement process can be overwhelming for those who are unprepared. To make the transition smoother, the Agirc-Arrco supplementary pension scheme for private sector employees has announced plans to open its doors in 2024. This will include 600 reception areas to assist individuals in preparing for their retirement.

In preparation for this event, a total of 400,000 interviews are proposed to prepare the files of those who will be retiring in the coming months or years. These interviews can be conducted by telephone, videoconference, or in person and generally last thirty to forty-five minutes on average. For those who want to get a head start, there are opportunities for interviews from the age of 40 or 45 to check career records and plan for retirement.

The Agirc-Arrco regime has decided to reach out specifically to people with complex career paths, providing them with extra assistance throughout the retirement process. A quarter of the 400,000 interviews are planned for these individuals, who may require more guidance and support than others during this time.

Policyholders can take advantage of various services offered by the Agirc-Arrco regime, including understanding their career records, collecting advice from advisors, and accessing support and prevention services. With the pension reform and its numerous new measures, many employees have questions and concerns about retirement. To make an appointment with an advisor or access your personal space on Agirc-Arrco’s website, simply call 0 970 660 660 or connect online.

The need for advice and support throughout the retirement process is particularly important among vulnerable populations. In light of ongoing health challenges and rapid digitalization of procedures, individuals express a greater desire for personalized support during this time of transition. If you are unsure where to begin or have questions about your retirement process, contacting an advisor or accessing your Agirc-Arrco personal space can be helpful resources for navigating this significant event effectively.

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