Ecuadorian police raid Mexican Embassy in Quito to apprehend former vice president Jorge Glas

Ecuadorian police raid Mexican Embassy in Quito to apprehend former vice president Jorge Glas

Ecuador’s strained relationship with Mexico reached a breaking point when police forcibly entered the Embassy in Quito and captured former vice president Jorge Glas. Glas, who was convicted of corruption in his country, had been taking refuge in the embassy since mid-December. The Mexican government had warned Ecuador that they would not grant Glas safe passage to leave the country as a political asylum. In response to the incident, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López ordered the suspension of diplomatic relations with Ecuador, citing a violation of international law and Mexico’s sovereignty.

The Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Alicia Bárcena, confirmed the president’s announcement and stated that Mexico would appeal to the International Court of Justice to denounce Ecuador’s violations of international law. The incident has led to a diplomatic crisis between the two countries, with tensions escalating further after the Mexican embassy in Ecuador was surrounded by police forces and the ambassador was declared persona non grata. The Mexican government granted political asylum to Glas, but the Ecuadorian government refused to grant safe passage for him to leave the embassy.

The situation has intensified further as Mexico, and Ecuador accused each other of violating the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, leading to a breakdown in diplomatic relations. The incident has raised concerns about the safety of embassy personnel and the impact on diplomatic properties. The Mexican government has expressed its disapproval of Ecuador’s actions and requested that they cease the intimidation. This incident comes after Ecuador accused Mexico of interfering in its domestic affairs, prompting tension between the two countries.

The extradition of Glas and the repudiation of the Mexican ambassador in Ecuador reflect the deepening divide between the two nations. The political asylum granted to Glas serves as a flashpoint in the deteriorating relationship, with accusations of political persecution and violation of international law. The incident highlights the challenges faced by both countries in navigating diplomatic disputes and upholding the principles of sovereignty and international law.

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