Elderly Driver Crashes into CR8 Health: No Injuries, But Waiting Room Destroyed

SUV Collides with Business, Causing Damage to Waiting Room Near Boca Raton’s West Side

A SUV crashed into CR8 Health, a weight loss and aesthetic medical business located at the 8200 block of Glades Road, west of Florida Turnpike. The accident occurred at 4:35 p.m. on Saturday while the business was closed for the weekend. Palm Beach County Fire Rescue responded to the incident, and both individuals in the vehicle declined transport.

The business owner, Dr. Jonathan M. Fields, identified the driver as an 80-year-old woman with a male passenger. Dr. Fields expressed relief that no one was injured in the crash but stated that the waiting room of the business was destroyed, causing a scare for the owners and anyone passing by who witnessed the incident. Dr. Fields described the potential danger during business hours, considering the usual presence of people in the area.

According to Dr. Fields, CR8 Health was promptly notified about the crash as they have a security camera and an alarm system in place. The security footage revealed a man inside the building who was involved in the crash. Dr. Fields estimated the damage to be substantial, valuing it in

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