Electrolux debuts environmentally conscious space at Fuorisalone 2024

Electrolux debuts environmentally conscious space at Fuorisalone 2024

During the Fuorisalone 2024, Electrolux Group launched the Electrolux EcoLine Hub, a groundbreaking space aimed at promoting environmental awareness and encouraging a sustainable lifestyle. The hub, open to the public from April 16th to 21st during the Salone del Mobile, serves as a focal point for individuals looking to contribute to a greener future. Located in the heart of Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano (BAM), the green hub of Portanuova, the first neighborhood globally recognized for its double sustainability certification, the Electrolux EcoLine Hub is designed to inspire visitors to make conscious choices for the planet.

Through the ElectroLux EcoLine Hub, the company hopes to educate the public about the importance of sustainability and showcase how everyday actions and decisions within the home can make a significant impact on the environment. The hub acts as a catalyst for change, inviting visitors to explore innovative solutions for more eco-friendly living. With a captivating design featuring mirrored walls and a homely atmosphere, the space reflects Electrolux’s values and commitment to sustainability in every detail.

Divided into two main thematic areas, Taste and Care, the hub showcases a selection of Electrolux products that contribute to sustainability. From energy-efficient steam ovens to eco-friendly fridge-freezers and innovative washing machines, visitors can learn about the benefits of these appliances. Additionally, the hub offers interactive experiences, such as the AWorld application for calculating and reducing carbon footprint, and a collaboration with Erion WEEE to recycle electronic waste and promote a circular economy mindset.

In addition to showcasing sustainable products and technologies, the Electrolux EcoLine Hub aims to inspire visitors to take action in favor of the environment. With its focus on raising awareness and promoting sustainable living practices, the hub is a valuable resource for individuals looking to make a positive impact on the planet.

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