Elon Musk Ditches Delaware for Nevada: Why and What it Means for Neuralink and Tesla

Neuralink Moves from Delaware to Nevada, Musk Criticizes Pay Ruling

Elon Musk has relocated his company Neuralink from Delaware to Nevada following legal frustrations. In a post previously made on Twitter, Musk advised against incorporating companies in the state of Delaware, which Neuralink has now done. The move comes after several legal setbacks for Musk in the state. After completing the transfer on Thursday, Neuralink announced the change to its shareholders, according to Bloomberg.

Musk expressed his disapproval with Delaware’s incorporation laws in a number of posts on X, formerly known as Twitter, and recommended incorporating in Nevada or Texas. Additionally, he has signaled his intention to reincorporate Tesla and move it out of Delaware. It is worth noting that Delaware is known as the US’s incorporation capital, housing over 1.3 million entities and more than 60% of the nation’s Fortune 500 companies incorporated there, according to the state’s official website.

In January 2021, Neuralink completed its first human brain implant. The company’s initial goal is to allow humans to control a computer keyboard or cursor with their thoughts.

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