Empowering Young Minds: Women in STEM Celebrate International Day with Hands-On Workshops and Inspirational Speakers

Girls celebrated the UN International Day with an enthusiastic focus on science

Girls from all walks of life gathered in Mexico at the Library of Mexico to explore the wonders of science on International Day of Women and Girls in Science. The event, established by the United Nations, aimed to inspire young girls interested in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Organized by the Adopt a Talent Program (Pauta), participants engaged in hands-on workshops that encouraged them to put their creativity and scientific skills into action. They designed and made models to learn how to observe, generate hypotheses, and interpret data.

During an experiment designed to clean up an oil spill in a container of water, the girls used various tools such as spoons, droppers, pipettes, and gauze. While gauze proved to be the most effective tool for cleaning up the oil, one participant expressed concern about water contamination and discussed it with her parents later on.

The Pauta program aims to promote scientific skills in young people while challenging stereotypes surrounding certain fields of study. Women in STEM have faced similar obstacles throughout history but efforts are being made to change perceptions and encourage young girls to pursue their interests in science.

The closing activities featured presentations by female scientists who shared their journey into the world of science. Their stories served as inspiration for the young participants who were encouraged to consider pursuing careers in STEM fields.

Overall, this event was a call for greater diversity and inclusion within STEM communities while also promoting critical thinking skills that are essential for success in these fields.

In conclusion, the program focused on inspiring young girls and boys from all backgrounds to consider careers in science while challenging stereotypes surrounding certain fields of study. Through hands-on workshops and presentations from successful female scientists, Pauta strived to cultivate the next generation of researchers who can make a difference in our world.

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