Epilepsy patients rank second only to stroke in numbers

Epilepsy patients rank second only to stroke in numbers

Patients with epilepsy who are hospitalized at Military Hospital 175 are ranked second in terms of frequency, following strokes. However, many cases of epilepsy are misunderstood as mental illnesses, according to MSc. Hoang Tien Trong Nghia, Head of the Department of Neurology at the hospital. He highlighted the lack of understanding and misconceptions surrounding epilepsy, despite a significant number of people suffering from the condition.

In Vietnam, there are no official statistics on the prevalence of epilepsy, but at Military Hospital 175, the Department of Neurology sees a high number of epilepsy patients, with strokes being the most common condition. Epilepsy is a chronic disease characterized by abnormal brain activity, which can be caused by various factors such as genetics, metabolic disorders, brain structure abnormalities, or brain damage from injuries or strokes.

Epilepsy presents with different symptoms depending on the area of the brain affected. While seizures are commonly associated with epilepsy, symptoms can vary widely, making diagnosis challenging. Some patients may exhibit recognizable symptoms like spasticity and convulsions, while others may have more subtle or difficult-to-identify symptoms, such as behavioral changes.

Treatment for epilepsy often involves medication, with approximately 30% of patients showing poor responses to medication. In Vietnam, limited access to anti-epileptic drugs poses a challenge for patients. The Vietnam Anti-Epileptic Association has developed guidelines for diagnosing and treating epilepsy to help healthcare providers better manage the condition.

Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment are crucial for epilepsy patients. Adhering to long-term medication regimens, avoiding triggers like alcohol and sleep deprivation, and seeking medical attention for any concerning symptoms are essential for managing epilepsy effectively. By raising awareness and providing proper care, epilepsy patients can lead normal lives and minimize the risk of severe complications.

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