Equipping Mental Health Nurses to Deliver Quality Care for Veterans: Finger Lakes VA Healthcare System’s APRN Residency Program

Residency Program for Mental Health Nurse Practitioners at VA Finger Lakes Health Care

At VA Finger Lakes Healthcare System, a residency program for mental health nurse practitioners is being offered to equip residents with the necessary skills and expertise to effectively manage mental health conditions in the Veteran population. The program aims to develop well-rounded mental health Advanced Practice Registered Nurses who can provide high-quality care for Veterans across various settings, including rural and underserved patient populations.

Residents will gain clinical experience, enhance their diagnostic, psychiatric medication management, and psychotherapy skills, and develop a strong foundation in interprofessional collaboration and Veteran-centric care. The mission of the Mental Health APRN Residency program is to provide comprehensive training that prepares nurses to excel in their field and make a positive impact on the lives of Veterans.

The application deadline for the program is March 8, 2024. For individuals interested in applying, they must submit their application before this date. Prospective applicants can contact Michelle Van Kirk, DNP, PMHNP-BC at Finger Lakes VA Health Care System for further information or questions about the program. She can be reached via email at Michelle.Vankirk@Va.gov or by phone at 585-282-9098.

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