Erdogan Slams Netanyahu as a ‘War Criminal’ Amid Growing Tension between Turkey and Israel

Turkish President Makes Another Comparison Between Netanyahu and Hitler

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a scathing criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a cabinet meeting, accusing him once again of being similar to Hitler. Erdogan argued that Western countries were turning a blind eye to the “massacres of Palestinians” carried out by Netanyahu under the guise of fighting Hamas. He added that the Netanyahu government was following in Hitler’s footsteps by crossing new red lines every day since October 7th.

This is not the first time Erdogan has made this comparison. In fact, he previously stated that there is no difference between “Netanyahu and Hitler.” In response, Netanyahu accused Erdogan of committing genocide against the Kurds and imprisoning journalists, making him the last person who can preach morality.

Following the start of the IDF operation in Gaza after October 7th, Erdogan called Netanyahu a “war criminal” and stated that he would go down in history as “the butcher of Gaza,” and that he had “written off” Netanyahu. This content highlights a growing tension between Turkey and Israel over their differing views on Palestine and other political issues.

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